Afariwa is a new artist we met with much experience sewing beautiful linen clothing in Ghana. Seeing the response of our customers, we intend to get more of her gorgeous work


Eleanor Edwards-Smith

Originally from New York and now living in Durham, NC, Ellie’s painting style is representational with impressionistic overton

“Creating paintings inspired by nature and architectural forms has always given me great pleasure. Working with portraiture and figurative subjects offers opportunities to study and represent the characteristics we all have in common and those traits that make each individual so unique.”

Ellie explores relationships through the use of color and texture as well as lightand shadow. Utilizing oils, acrylics, watercolor or mixed media, her art becomes a vehicle to capture the powerful yet tender emotions akin to the human experience.

“I am motivated by the constant challenge to grow and stretch in terms of technique, presentation and all the intricacies that allow each viewer to engage with my art. This gives me a wonderful sense of satisfaction.

Jonas Fasco

Jonas Atsu Fasco is a talented young artist from Ghana, Africa.  Jonas started painting in 1996 after discovering his talent at school. He then decided to follow fine Art as a career and became an apprentice where he developed his own skills and unique style. Jonas currently has his own studio in the Manet area of Teshie and his work is currently sold at the Ghana Arts Centre and the African Things Shop in Shiashie Accra.

We have some of Jonas Fascos' work on exhibit in the gallery and most of them are available for purchase. There will be full-size originals as well as full and poster-size prints as well as greeting cards. The original "Children and Parrots" seen here is not for sale.


Cornelio Campos

Originally born in Mexico, Cornelio Campos now lives in the Durham, NC area.  His choice of media is oil and acrylic on canvas with vibrant colors and layer-upon-layer of symbolism. Using a folkloric art style, Cornelio presents such everyday scenes of Mexican life as selling handmade crafts, connecting with family and celebrating religious traditions. Modern yet traditional, and deeply personal, Cornelio paintings illustrate complex realities of migrant life that are often concealed.

A member of the Durham Art Guild, Cornelio’s work has been exhibited Durham Art Guild Gallery and the FedEx Global Education Center at the University of North Carolina.  We have a few of Cornelio’s paintings in our gallery for sale.

Bill Pearson

Bill Pearson is a local resident of Durham. He is a diverse artist who has been painting since childhood. After attending NCCU Central and serving as an illustrator with the US Army, Bill furthered his art education with the Walt Disney group. His vivid images and bold use of colors, along with his attention to detail, make his designs a favorite of collectors throughout the United States. Bill's primary choice is acrylic on canvas. Most of his works are centered on African sceneries, sports, people and wild animals.

Hsiang-Ting Yen

Hsiang-Ting Yen is originally from Taoyuan, Taiwan. Yen earned her bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration from NDHU, Taiwan. After graduating, she decided to pursue her true dream and enrolled in the Jewelry and Objects program at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she has been pursuing her master’s degree as a M.F.A. candidate. Since 2010, Yen has focused on two separate styles of work. In her latest conceptual body of work, she has been inspired by contemporary


gender issues as the core concept for her M.A. Final Project F=M, Recovering Gender in 2010 and M.F.A. thesis exhibition Gender 3.0 in 2012.

In the meanwhile, her one-of-a-kind art jewelry collection In Bloom Series was influenced by traditional Chinese aesthetics and 21st century jewelry industrial technology.  She has her jewelry studio at The Carter Building, Raleigh NC since 2013.

“My themes are inspired by Chinese watercolor painting and Art Nouveau era work and shown in my body of work. Opaque and transparent enamels along with wire construction and electroformed edges are reinterpreted and utilized to create these characteristics.

My recent focus has been on two different concepts in my work. First, the "In Bloom" series is a reflection of my Chinese heritage in the art jewelry form. Whereas, "Gender 3.0: Portraits" series are among my conceptual pieces that show how mass media plays an important role in influencing peoples' gender images and perceptions in modern society”.


LéGrant Taylor is a native of Angier, North Carolina and studied Printing Technology at Chowan College. A current resident of Garner since 1992, Mr. Taylor is employed full-time as a Printing Press Operator. He makes time to paint any time he can, including nights and weekends.

LeGrant describes his developing style as a unique blend of several different styles. In his paintings, he attempts to bring the viewer into the actual event of the painting. His "Know Looking Back" (above)  painting is a perfect example of his style. In this painting, the viewer is positioned with the subjects looking ahead with promise to something greater born from the wisdom and knowledge of the past.

LeGrant credits his drive to create and share art first to God, and then to his mother who always told him "there is nothing you cannot do and always do your best."

Other inspirations and support in his life are his wife, sons, brothers, mother-in-law, father, and many other family and friends. Some of LeGrant’s paintings are now available for sale in our gallery, together with his prints and a 2012 calendar with a print of his paintings for each month.


Who does not love Shana? Shana Tucker is the “musical” artist in our family. Local resident of Durham;  cellist, singer; songwriter.   "ChamberSoul"  describes her music.  Her Debut CD "SHiNE" has elements of jazz, acoustic pop and contemporary folk,with hints of Latin rhythms. You’ll hear us play “SHiNE” in the store from time to time and we have Shana’s CDs available for sale.

Caroline Dear

This is Caroline Dear. She lives in Durham, North Carolina.  Part of her proceeds is given to  the Table project. To learn more about the Table Project, go to

Karen Casey

Karen Casey is a Durham NC artist who has studied and experimented with stained glass for nearly 20 years.  Over the last eight years her concentration on fused glass has been inspired partly by the delight and intrigue of not fully knowing the outcome of her creations until pulling them out of the kiln after about 12 hours.

Karen's creations include a multi-colored selection ofearrings, pendants and bracelets.  In addition to unique jewelry designs, she also makes vases, candle holders, plates, bowls, clocks, mirrors, tables, hair adornments and funky art pieces just for pleasure!  A combination of dichroic glass and other fusible glass give them their unique look and make each piece a one-of-a-kind.   

In addition to being an artist, Karen is a speech language pathologist with the specialty of augmentative communication. When she is not working or making glass creations, Karen plays in a West African drum group.