Missions We have Supported

Here are the humanitarian missions we support and who's products we sell that helps aid their humanitarian efforts:

Freedom Firm

Freedom Firm is a non-profit organization that helps restore young girls rescued from sex trafficking in India.  These girls, who are part of the Ooty aftercare program, earn a competitive wage by making beautiful earrings, necklaces and bangles.   Your purchase of this "Ruhamah Jewelry" will help support Freedom Firm and their work to eradicate child prostitution in India.

Freedom Firm is dedicated to the liberation of children enslaved in commercial sexual exploitation, to their effective rehabilitation, and to justice against those who have profited from their misery. Freedom Firm unapologetically stands dedicated to this cause and this cause alone.

Freedom Firm is motivated to conduct their work with the highest ethical standards and allocate their resources with uncompromising stewardship. They believe that every person has immeasurable value and therefore the exploitation of any person is an unacceptable violation of their God-given value.

To learn more about Freedom Firm see a video highlighting their efforts and find out how you can help even more, visit their website at www.freedomfirm.com.


Kybele Organization

Since 2004, Kybele has conducted medical training in Turkey, Croatia, Ghana, Georgia, Armenia, Romania, Egypt, Mongolia and Brazil. Kybele has sponsored 16 major in-country medical conferences and has trained hundreds of doctors and nurses. It’s goal is the prevention of childbirth related injury and death, which affect millions of women and newborns each year.

Kybele programs have enlisted nearly 300 medical volunteers from 55 institutions in 8 countries worldwide including anesthesiologists, obstetricians, neonatologists, internists, nurses and midwifes. Kybele volunteers have donated more than $2,000,000 in educational materials, textbooks, medication and equipment to host countries.

Exotique co-owner, Dr. Yemi Olufolabi, has been an active participant with Kybele since it’s inception. As a trained anesthesiologist with Duke Medical Center, Yemi has made frequent trips to Nigeria and Ghana to train medical professionals. The greeting and Christmas cards (as well as other products) that you see offered at Exotique were made by the Kybele organization and your purchase helps to support Kybele’s mission. For more information on the Kybele organization, visit www.kybeleworldwide.org.


Global Mamas

Global Mamas is a non-profit and fair trade organization assisting women in Africa to become economically independent. They make clothing for men, women and children as well as colorful handbags. By purchasing Global Mamas products, you are offering sustainable livelihoods to women and their families living in poverty. All proceeds go directly to the women and to the non-profit programs that assist them with business development. We at Exotique have a wide selection of Global Mamas dresses, handbags and other accessories and 100% of your purchase goes directly to Global Mamas. For more information on Global Mamas, go to their website at www.globalmamas.org.


Forests of the World - Madagascar

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and the 12th poorest country in the world.

Since 1993, Forests of the World has imported and distributed fairly traded products made by people living in and around endangered forests worldwide. Currently 90% of Forests of the World's imports come from Madagascar. For the past ten years, their main supplier there is Madagascar Arts; a company mainly run by women. The owners have included expatriate development workers from USAID, CARE, and Catholic Relief Services. Many of the products' designs have been developed over the years through direct collaboration between the artisans in Madagascar and Forests of the World's designers.
In the past decade, demand for their products has increased dramatically and Madagascar Arts has grown; at times it employs over 100 people and has indirectly supported hundreds of artisans and groups throughout the country with contracts to supply a wide variety of specialty products including bags. Hats in particular are an integral part of Malagasy (Madagascar native) culture; people from each of the country's six regions can be identified by their unique style of hat.
Sales of these products provide jobs not just to the artisans and exporters inMadagascar, but also to hundreds of other people who supply and produce raw materials and components for their finished goods. Forests of the World has worked hard over the years to offer some of the most exquisite natural handmade crafts from some of the most spectacularly beautiful places in the world.  -Source: www.forestsoftheworld.com
When you buy a Forests of the World bag or hat from Exotique you can be sure that:

  • It was produced in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner, and:
  • The artisans are receiving a "living wage," benefits, and healthy working conditions because 100% of the proceeds are given to the workers.

Durham Rescue Mission

The Durham Rescue Mission is a faith-based, non-profit organization. Their primary goal is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and His redemptive work on the cross. The Durham Rescue Mission is achieving this goal as they minister to the homeless and addicted in central North Carolina. The Durham Rescue Mission relies upon gifts from individuals, churches, businesses, civic groups, organizations, grants, and foundations. They operate without any government funding.  

Exotique is a proud participant of the Durham Rescue Mission by making donations that aid the mission in feeding the hungry and provide shelter for the homeless. To learn more about Durham Rescue Mission and how you can help, go to www.durhamrescuemission.org.

Grace church - A non denomination church in Chapel Hill. Its website is  Gracelife.com